20 Jul 2014

How to Disconnect Facebook from Instagram?

Now Instagram is owned by Facebook. When you want to grow your exposure with Instagram, a simple way is to ensure Instagram is synced with your Facebook account and photos uploaded onto Instagram can also be shared
1 Jul 2014

How to Block Facebook Pop-Up Like Box

When it comes to website traffic building, webmasters can’t rely solely on the search giant – Google and ignore the value of Facebook: Apart from getting ranked well in Google, it is also necessary to increase the
25 Jun 2014

Bookmark Favicons Not Showing Up in Chrome? Here’s a Fix

For webmasters, a favicon is useful to create their own personalized brand. When a web browser user adds a webpage, like the homepage of Geeks.im, to the Bookmarks bar, your browser will automatically add an icon at
23 Jun 2014

[Mac] Let Browsers Display WebP Images

As a Mac user, you must know Mozilla Firefox don’t support Google’s WebP image format by default. You can’t even view WebP images with Safari, the default web browser on your MacBook. In fact, Google Chrome is
22 Jun 2014

[Firefox] How to Copy and Paste as Plain Text

You must copy and paste many times every day. After you’ve copied text to the clipboard and try to paste it into another application, most often all what you want to do is copy as plain text,
18 Jun 2014

How to Create Your Own Browser with Appiance

Modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera are highly customizable: By providing you with thousands of add-ons, extensions and plug-ins, they allow you to personalize your browser and make it match your own style. As a
10 Jun 2014

How to Cut & Trim YouTube Videos Online

Find an interesting part in a long boring video on YouTube? If you want to share such a video with your friends, before doing that the first thing you should do will be to set a specific
7 Jun 2014

How to Start a YouTube Video at a Certain Time

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform where you can find funny and amazing videos. But sometimes not all interesting videos are REALLY interesting from beginning to end. Instead, there are thousands of videos wherein only
4 Jun 2014

[Firefox] How to Remove Recommended Channels on YouTube

One of the biggest annoyances of YouTube is their recommended videos and channels, such as “Popular on YouTube”, “Recommended channel for you” and “Recommended channels”.
3 Jun 2014

Keep Playing Videos on Android While the Screen is Locked

Most Android phones and tablets allow music control while the screen is locked, instead of letting you unlock the device to control the music. If Android users want, they can even make music play in the background.