How to Stop Firefox from Opening Multiple Tabs at Startup

Load ControlSometimes when you’ve installed an extension on Firefox, you may need to restart your browser to make it work, and now Firefox will try to recover all the tabs in the old session back, which is a helpful feature in most cases. But if you want to reload dozens of tabs in an old laptop in several seconds, the Firefox will take up memory quickly and be slow to start up and high memory usage even leads to a crash.

Well, the question here is, how to control the auto reloading of tabs after Firefox restarts. Load Control is a lightweight Firefox add-on that will come useful if you want to stop loading of all opened tabs in the last session.

After the extension is installed, you can drag the Stop All button or the Load All button to any existing toolbar. When you click on the “Stop All” button, all the tabs that are reloading will pause the loading, and all the tabs can reload if you click “Load All”.

To sum up, Load Control is providing a simple way to speed up the Firefox launch and avoid a higher memory usage.

Load ControlLoad Control

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