How to Resume Interrupted and Broken Downloads in Firefox

When you are downloading a file in Firefox, the download process might get interrupted, because of the unstable Internet connection, server down, or other unexpected troubles. I guess many Firefox users have suffered a lot from the broken downloads. Every time when that happens, all what they can do is to start the download all over again. Why? Just because in Firefox you cannot use Resume in the Download manager if the download is not paused but get interrupted.

So, in this case, to resume interrupted and broken downloads, you may need to use other methods to avoid restarting the download from the beginning. One of the best methods to resume the download is make the best of the .PART file.
Resume Firefox downloads
Step 1. Find out the .PART file. Firefox will save the temporary file with .PART format. In the Library of Firefox, you can locate the .PART file you need.
Step 2. Move the .PART file to another location.
Step 3. Double-click the download link to restart the downloading process again.
Step 4. Pause the process once the .PART file is recreated again.
Step 5. Copy the old .PART file to the location of the current download, to replace the new .PART file.
Step 6. Go to the Library and resume the download in Firefox.

That is it!

By the way, some servers do not support resuming an interrupted download and just allow you to download from the start if you try to resume a file. If the method mentioned above doesn’t work then it means the server will not support resuming.

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